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Business minister bids to calm crisis fears as UK gas prices soar

No cause for alarm now, says Kwasi Kwarteng as energy discussions are likened to early Covid crisis talks

The government was scrambling on Saturday night to reassure Britons that rising gas prices would not plunge the country into an energy crisis, as ministers held a series of emergency meetings with energy companies and regulators to establish whether the nation could keep the lights and central heating on this winter.

A senior industry insider likened the meetings held between the business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, and energy industry leaders to the early crisis talks held following the outbreak of Covid-19.

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Ministers told to bar EU from UK trial data in vaccines row

Englandas deputy medical chief asked for data to be withheld unless British vaccine guinea pigs allowed to travel abroad

aC/ Coronavirus a latest updates
aC/ See all our coronavirus coverage

Englandas deputy chief medical officer asked ministers to withhold all UK clinical trial data from the EU if European countries continued to deny entry to British vaccine trial volunteers, the Observer can reveal.

Jonathan Van-Tam made the extraordinary proposal after months of uncertainty for the 19,000 volunteers who are effectively unable to travel to Europe to see family, work or go on holiday because they took part in trials of Novavax and Valneva.

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Baptism of fire as Liz Truss heads to US amid submarine row

As France accuses the US and Australia of alies and duplicitya, new UK foreign secretary faces major diplomatic incident on her first official overseas trip

Liz Truss is heading for a furious diplomatic confrontation with France on her first trip abroad as foreign secretary, as anger mounts in Paris over the cancellation of a APS48bn nuclear submarine contract.

Truss, whose appointment was one of the biggest surprises of Boris Johnsonas cabinet reshuffle last Wednesday, will arrive in the US on Sunday before a four-day visit to New York and Washington during which she is aiming to promote the prime ministeras vision of aglobal Britaina to international leaders.

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aHeck of a ridea: SpaceXas historic amateur astronauts splash down safely in Atlantic

The four-person crew thanked mission control as they splashed down in the Atlantic

Four space tourists ended their trailblazing trip to orbit on Saturday with a splashdown in the Atlantic off the Florida coast.

Their SpaceX capsule parachuted into the ocean just before sunset, not far from where their chartered flight began three days earlier.

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Amir Khan says he was escorted from US flight afor no reasona

British boxer claims to have been banned by American Airlines after colleagueas mask anot high enougha

British boxer Amir Khan has said he was escorted from a flight in the US by police afor no reasona.

The 34-year-old, who has also appeared on reality television shows including Iam a Celebrity a| Get Me Out of Here!, claimed he had been banned by American Airlines.

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Why Greeceas expensive new migrant camps are outraging NGOs

The a!38m asylum seeker centre on Samos a the first of five a has restaurants and air-conditioning but itas like a prison, say critics

It has eight restaurants, seven basketball courts, three playgrounds, a football pitch, special rooms for vulnerable people, and is purportedly eco-friendly.

But Greeceas new acloseda migrant camp for 3,000 asylum seekers on Samos is also surrounded by military-grade fencing, watched over by police and located in a remote valley, and has been likened by critics to a jail or a dystopian nightmare. Its message is clear: if Europe-bound asylum seekers reach the country, they are going to be strictly controlled.

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Facebook slams Wall Street Journal reports as adeliberate mischaracterisationsa

The companyas vice-president of global affairs said the paper had not presented the whole picture on the adifficult issuesa

Nick Clegg, Facebookas vice-president of global affairs, has slammed the Wall Street Journal for reporting that the social media giant was aware of negative impacts of some of its products.

Related: Teenage girls, body image and Instagramas aperfect storma

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Nike and Amazon among brands advertising on Covid conspiracy sites

Household names may have unwittingly helped spread fake news, investigation reveals

Dozens of the worldas biggest brands, including Nike, Amazon, Ted Baker and Asos, have been advertising on websites that spread Covid-19 misinformation and conspiracy theories, it has emerged. The companies, as well as an NHS service, are among a string of household names whose ads appear to have helped fund websites that host false and outlandish claims, for example that powerful people secretly engineered the pandemic, or that vaccines have caused thousands of deaths.

Analysis of nearly 60 sites, performed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and shared with the Observer, found that ads were placed through the aopaquea digital advertising market, which is forecast to be worth more than $455bn (APS387bn) this year.

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Covid and Afghanistan areveal weakness of UKas security policya

Cross-party MPs and peers say the response to the two crises has exposed system as inadequate

The rapid fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and the response to the Covid-19 pandemic have revealed aserious weaknessesa in the governmentas approach to dealing with national security, according to a highly critical cross-party report.

MPs and peers found that the two critical events had highlighted the shortcomings of the national security council a a cabinet committee of senior ministers and officials designed to handle major security challenges. The Lordsa and Commonsa joint committee on the national security strategy (JCNSS) said the system had been exposed as inadequate. It warned that national risk management across government is aloose, unstructured, and lacking in central oversight and accountabilitya.

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aPuppet showmena: Hong Kong elite vote in apatriots onlya election process

The formation of the election committee on Sunday is the first poll to be held under the patriots rule imposed by Beijing

Hong Kongas political elite begin selecting a powerful committee on Sunday that will choose nearly half the legislature a and later a new leader a under a new apatriots onlya system imposed by Beijing.

The first poll under that new system, dubbed apatriots rule Hong Konga, will take place on Sunday as members of the cityas ruling classes choose a 1,500-seat election committee.

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Girl aged 2 dies after falling from pony at Bedale Hunt meet

Toddler had been riding with members of the hunt near Northallerton, North Yorkshire

A two-year-old girl has died after falling from a pony during a hunt meeting in North Yorkshire.

The toddler had been riding with members of the Bedale Hunt on land in a village near Northallerton on Wednesday morning when the incident occurred.

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Deep impact: the underwater photographers bringing the oceanas silent struggle to life

Kerim SabuncuoAlu a just one winner in this yearas Ocean photography awards a tells the story behind his picture of a moray eel that also shows the wider perils of aghost fishinga

In July, off the Turkish port city of Bodrum, Kerim SabuncuoAlu stepped from the edge of a boat into the azure Aegean Sea and began to descend. A scuba diver with more than 30 yearsa experience, he took up underwater photography in 2002 and has since devoted considerable amounts of time and money to his aout-of-control hobbya a capturing the wonders of the ocean on camera so that athe less fortunate people abovea can also marvel at them.

SabuncuoAlu has travelled the world, photographing marine life in Palau, Cuba and the GalA!pagos islands and winning several awards for his work. Closer to home in Bodrum, he was embarking on a standard dive with a group of friends, equipped with a Nikon D800 camera. The camera had an 85mm micro Nikkor lens and was clad in Nexus underwater housing, with a single Backscatter snoot to train light on the subject.

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Paul Merson: aGambling is a horrible addiction. Your career passes you bya

The former Arsenal and England player talks about his aworst addictiona, as detailed in his often harrowing new book

A few minutes before Paul Merson tells the surreal story which makes him cry, in a beautiful but broken memory, he looks at me intently. aItas been 36 years of pure madness,a Merson says as he reflects on the gambling disorder which, coupled with alcoholism and a brief but ruinous addiction to cocaine, has scarred his life.

Merson won two league titles and three cups with Arsenal, while playing some visionary football which he produced again for Aston Villa. He won 21 caps for England, played in the 1998 World Cup and, now, at the age of 53, he is a much-loved, or often cruelly mocked, member of Sky Sportsa Saturday Soccer panel alongside his close friend Jeff Stelling.

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Legends of the fall: is autumn all itas cracked up to be?

With its cosy socks, simmering hotpots and scary festivals, autumn is rich in tradition. But should we insist on fetishising a season of rain, fading light and tedious poetry?

Depending on your view, autumn has a bad rap, or an easy time of it. Overdue a renaissance or passA(c) to even admit liking at all. As a child, I considered autumn the red-headed stepchild of the calendar. It was the end of summer. It was back to school. It was a period in which blue skies turned white and the sun started showing up less and less, like texts from a friend youad made on holiday. Then, in a strange move, the government would surgically remove an entire hour of sunlight, presumably at the behest of whatever grisly nest of vampires came up with daylight savings time.

So far, so bad. But autumn was also a twilight time of change and spookiness, of crisp air, Halloween and substantially better television programmes. Sure, itas the time of school uniforms, but itas also the time of soup and candles and, again, much better television programmes.

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Seven simple steps to sounder sleep

How I overcome my chronic insomnia with science

Everything about our day impacts our sleep. How many minutes we spend outside, what and when we eat, whatas happening with our hormones, our habits, emotions, stress and thoughts a all this feeds into the sleep we end up with at night. All of which I was completely oblivious to when battling chronic insomnia for years on end.

Sleep anxiety can create a very real and vicious circle. I would spend hours lying in bed, increasingly wired, anxious and exhausted as time ticked by, with prescription sleeping pills within reach for those 3am nights when I had to be up first thing. The problem is that the more we worry about sleep, the higher our stress hormones go a and too much of the stress hormone cortisol, whatever the trigger, disturbs our sleep. Weare left in a state of fight or flight, when we need to be in the opposite state of rest and digest. When my insomnia was at its worst, Iad start my day exhausted, running on empty, and have recurring burn-out days, where an overwhelming fatigue would stop me in my tracks, forcing me to lie down and recharge.

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French recall of ambassadors shows extent of anger over Aukus rift

Analysis: ties between Paris and Washington in worse state than at time of Iraq war after Australiaas cancellation of submarine deal

The recall of the French ambassadors to Australia and the US a without precedent in two centuries of diplomacy between Paris and Washington a has plunged relations to depths unknown for decades.

Rifts over the Iraq war or Nato pale into insignificance. True, the French recalled their ambassador to Rome a couple of years ago, irked by the insults sent their way by the upstart Five Star leader Luigi di Maio, but that was a little warning to populists to stop encouraging the disruption of the yellow vest protests.

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aLike nothing in my lifetimea: researchers race to unravel the mystery of Australiaas dying frogs

After asking for public help with their investigations, scientists have received thousands of reports and specimens of dead, shrivelled frogs

In the middle of Sydneyas lockdown, scientist Jodi Rowley has been retrieving frozen dead frogs from her doorstep.

Occasionally one will arrive dried and shrivelled up in the post.

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Forgotten how to have a dinner party? Here are three rules to ease you back in

Step one: donat try out a new recipea|

I havenat yet caught any of Jamie Oliveras new Channel 4 series Together, in which he cooks the kind of stuff you can rustle up for groups of family and friends without experiencing a total nervous collapse. But I love its title, and not only because it makes me think of Lukas Moodyssonas 2000 film of the same name (the best movie about a Stockholm commune ever made). Few words are to me more lovely than together, and all the more so following months of painful, enforced separations. In the ear, its syllables seem to ring like an old-fashioned doorbell.

In the grind of lockdown, there were moments when the sight of my kitchen made me feel physically ill. My relationship with my fridge, in particular, began to be vaguely abusive: I was always slamming its door in a huff. No wonder, then, that the great opening up induced in me a state of ecstasy that could only end in near bankruptcy.

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Art of neon: light flickers on old British craft, but new show aims to keep it alive

Major exhibition will reveal how neon went from the staple of brash advertising to an art form

Across two galleries in Wakefield sit more than half a dozen tubes of light at least two metres tall, revolving on the spot and creating ethereal shapes in the air. These sculptures, created by the pioneering American neon artist Fred Tschida, make up a dramatic new exhibition in the city called Circlesphere, which will open later this month.

The artwork is a rare example of what is now a dying craft, with only a handful of neon makers left in the UK. Along with trades like ladder making, slating and straw working, neon making is considered endangered and likely to die out altogether if urgent steps are not taken to preserve it, according to the Heritage Crafts Association (HCA). Daniel Carpenter, HCA operations director, said neon-making skills are a asmall but significant part of British culturea that, if lost, would be anearly impossiblea to bring back.

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Half-term holiday bookings jump 200% after England travel rules change

Thomas Cook says it expects a busy weekend for bookings as people take advantage of simplified travel rules

Half-term holiday bookings have jumped by 200% compared with August since the government announced a relaxation of travel rules in England, the travel firm Thomas Cook has said.

On Friday, the transport secretary, Grant Shapps, unveiled plans to simplify the Covid rules around trips abroad from next month, scrapping the traffic light system and replacing it with a pared-down areda list of countries from which arrivals will continue to be required to quarantine in a government-supervised hotel.

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aFreedom day doesnat include mea: for some, the end of lockdown will be a time of fear

Those most at risk from Covid say the easing of restrictions when vaccination targets are met will bring anxiety and danger

aIn the roadmap to freedom, I hear nothing about people like me, other than as a qualifying postscript to the Covid deaths: aBut they had an underlying health conditiona,a says Racquel Sherry.

aFreedom day doesnat include me.a

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New Zealand coronavirus update: 24 new cases reported ahead of Auckland lockdown decision

A total of 44 new cases recorded over the weekend, with more expected because of spread among large households

New Zealand recorded 24 new local cases of coronavirus on Sunday, all in Auckland, a day before a decision is due on whether to ease the cityas level 4 lockdown.

Health officials warned that case numbers would increase in coming days because some recent cases had come from large households. The director of public health, Caroline McElnay, said they were still acautiously optimistica that the bulk of the outbreak was under control.

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aWe have nothinga: treating Covid-19 in Papua New Guineaas broken health system

In a country where nurses are forced to use rice packets as gloves and laundry detergent as disinfectant, treating coronavirus has been an enormously difficult task. Pacific editor Kate Lyons recommends this article about how Australiaas closest neighbour experienced the early days of the pandemic

You can read the original article here: aWe have nothinga: Papua New Guineaas broken health system braces for Covid-19

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Kent beat Somerset to lift T20 Blast trophy with Jordan Cox the hero

The smoke from the pre-game pyrotechnics clung to the Edgbaston turf. The low hanging mist clearing slowly, resembling dry ice at the start of a prog rock concert, to reveal a darkly clad, stooped figure a| Daniel Bell-Drummond nonchalantly leaning on his bat beside a floodlit, butterscotch wicket.

A few toots of a trumpet sound over the PA. Wheeeey!

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I feel guilty for Manchester City not putting on a show, says Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola admitted he felt aguiltya after Manchester City could only draw with Southampton, but remained defiant about his demand for more support at the Etihad.

City failed to score for only the second time in 41 home matches, but the fans inside an almost sold-out arena sang Guardiolaas name in the first half. After Wednesdayas 6-3 win over Leipzig, the City manager appealed to supporters to turn up in force for Saintsa visit, and received a blunt response from the general secretary of Cityas official fan club.

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Jadon Sanchoas station uncertain in shadow of Ronaldoas shining start

The signing from Dortmund feels like Manchester Unitedas forgotten big buy but Ole Gunnar SolskjA|r preaches patience

One of Borussia Dortmundas English prodigies scored in the Champions League this week. It wasnat Jadon Sancho. One of Manchester Unitedas summer signings struck on his first appearances in the Premier League and in Europe. It wasnat Jadon Sancho.

While Jude Bellingham has assumed the wingeras old status as the prospect who should produce Dortmund a windfall if he returns to his homeland, Sancho has really been upstaged by Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Freddie Steward shines as resurgent Leicester Tigers maul Exeter

There have been enough false dawns at Leicester in the last few years to urge a note of caution but the Welford Road faithful can be forgiven for getting carried away after a barnstorming victory over Exeter to begin the season. The Chiefs, last seasonas runners-up and one of the dominant forces in England and Europe over the last few years, were sent packing with their tails between their legs. The Tigers scored five tries, ran roughshod over a team who have given them a few thrashings of late and have a burgeoning young star in the excellent full-back Freddie Steward.

Related: New Zealand back on top of the world rankings after win over Argentina

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Brighton are making strides under Graham Potter but the hard yards lie ahead | Jonathan Wilson

The south coast club, who host Leicester on Sunday, have made a flying start but have had a favourable fixture list

xG is not a perfect tool. Models vary. They have flaws. But still, it is striking that most xG a expected goals a models for last season had Brighton finishing not 16th, as they actually did, but fifth or sixth. Imagine that had happened. Imagine Brighton, with the 15th-highest wage bill in the division, had qualified for the Europa League. It would have been an extraordinary achievement. Graham Potter might not have been named coach of the year ahead of Thomas Tuchel, but he would surely have nudged Marcelo Bielsa out of second.

More than that, Potter would have been a serious candidate to take the Tottenham job, rather than just somebody who was mentioned in passing. The (excessive) grumbling about Gareth Southgate would have a more sharply defined focus: here, the doubters would be able to say, is the ideal replacement. And yet the general tendency seems still to be to regard Potter as an oddity.

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Sergio ReguilA3n: aWe have to build something a| something biga

Tottenham need to organise under Nuno EspArito Santo then aexplore all the talent we havea, the left-back says

Sergio ReguilA3n remembers it with perfect clarity. aLike it was yesterday,a the Tottenham left-back says. And for overwhelmingly good reasons. It was August last year, he was at Sevilla and the match a the Europa League quarter-final against Wolves, then managed by Nuno EspArito Santo a would end in a last-gasp 1-0 victory. It was a staging post in Sevillaas run to the trophy.

But what has also stayed with ReguilA3n is how they had to suffer; what it was like to face a Nuno team. aThey were very strong defensively and it was so difficult because you havenat got space to play,a he says. aWhen you have the ball, they are too compact, too aggressive. And with the ball, the transition a| they are so dangerous on the counterattack.a

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Lizzie Deignan still Britainas best hope at Road World Championships

The squads are full of talent but such is the strength in depth of the opposition that success in Flanders is difficult to predict

Great Britain will field some of their strongest teams ever for the Road World Championships this coming week in Flanders. The squads are bursting with youthful talents such as the Olympic gold medallist Tom Pidcock and Pfeiffer Georgi, but such is the strength and the depth of the opposition in the elite events at least that their chances are all but impossible to predict.

The best medal hope lies with the 2015 womenas elite champion, Lizzie Deignan, as it has done for a decade now, apart from her break to give birth to her daughter, Orla. Deignan has yet to hit the heights she achieved in 2020; her only win to date is the Tour of Switzerland, but she now faces a busy end of the season, with the first womenas Paris-Roubaix and the UK Womenas Tour following immediately after Flanders.

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Final Update to this RSS feed

The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program at the Library of Congress is updating its communication tools!

This is the final posting to the RSS feed you are currently viewing (

Please update your RSS readers to point to:

You can subscribe to the monthly Digital Preservation newsletter at:

If you are already signed up for the newsletter you remain signed up and do not need to sign up again.

For more RSS and email subscription options at the Library of Congress, please visit:

Update on the FADGI Still Image Group

The Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative, formed in 2007, includes representatives from various Federal agencies dealing with the digitization of cultural heritage collections.

The Voyage of "The Library of Congress" Motion Picture

Rediscovering a film from the 1940's about the Library of Congress.

NEH Grants Relating to Digital Preservation

A look at the NEH and the projects it funds.

Meeting of the Federal Agencies Audiovisual Working Group

The Federal Agencies Audiovisual Working Group held a meeting on July 28, 2011 attended by professionals from several agencies including the Library of Congress, the National Archives (NARA) and the Smithsonian.

Digital Preservation, Digital Curation, Digital Stewardship: Whatas in (Some) Names?

Where do these different terms come from and what do they imply?

Full Open Source Release of Recollection Platform

Recollection is a web application that enables librarians, archivists, curators, and historians to create dynamic interfaces to cultural heritage collections.

It's Been a Busy Year: Partnership Highlights

Among our digital preservation partners innovation is taking place.

Web Archive Preservation Planning

Though presented as a unified experience, a website depends on many interrelated parts.

6 Wishes for the Human Face of Digital Preservation

Technology is the easy part of digital preservation.

Yes, The Library of Congress Develops Lots of Software Tools

"What? Libraries develop software?" Yes they do.

Ask the Recommending Officer: The Civil War Sesquicentennial Web Archive

The first of a series of occasional "ask the Recommending Officer" posts.

Helen Hockx-Yu: Web Archiving at the British Library

Helen Hockx-Yu is the Head of Web Archiving at the British Library.

A is for Archives: the ABCs of preserving digital information

A new series that will explore the topic of digital preservation in an alphabetical way.

You Had Me at Preservation of Geospatial Information

Highlighting the Geospatial Data Preservation Resource Center.

Behind the Video: Making "Adding Descriptions to Digital Photos: Your Gift to the Future"

The making of an NDIIPP video.

Mapping the Geospatial Format Landscape

The Library of Congress hosted the 3rd Geospatial PDF Working Group meeting.

NDSA Profile: Educopia Institute

Enter Educopia, a non-profit organization whose mission it is to foster institutional relationships and help them succeed in their digital lifecycle curation efforts.

The August 2011 Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter is now available.

In this issue:

*Making It Work: A recap of the July 2011 NDSA/NDIIPP Partners Meeting

*A compilation of blog posts on "The Signal" about Library of Congress web archiving projects, processes and data management

*A summary of the Uniform Law Commission's approval of the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act at the ULC annual meeting last month

*Exploring Cultural Heritage Collections With Recollection, a free, open source platform that lets archivists, librarians, scholars and curators create easy to navigate web interfaces for digital collections

*Information about how to find out about digital preservation training

*Recent blog posts on "The Signal" featured stories by NDIIPP interns on their summer projects, topics related to creating and organizing personal digital content for future access, and other topics related to digital preservation

*Upcoming Events: Best Practices Exchange 2011, Oct. 20-22 in Lexington, KY, and Designing Storage Architectures for Preservation Collections, Sept. 26-27, 2011 in Washington, DC

Junior Fellows Wrapping Up Digital Preservation Internship Projects

The Library's 2011 Junior Fellows reflect on their busy summer.

How We Do Storage: A Saga of Bits, Disk, Tape and Systems

Over the last six months, the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Infrastructure Working Group has been talking storage.

Slaying the dragons: what is at risk and how do we rescue it?

The NDSA Content Working Group workshop explored what types of digital information might be particularly in need of preservation.

Digital Preservation in a Box: NDSA Outreach

Resources to support digital preservation outreach.

Multitasking for Digital Preservation News

How do you find pertinent information related to digital preservation?

I Can Haz Standardz: What Standards Should be in the Digital Preservation Toolbox?

The NDSA Standards and Best Practices Working Group is working on a digital preservation standards survey.

Digital Preservationas Got Talent: Awarding Innovation and Accomplishment

How can the digital stewardship community do more to recognize and encourage innovation in the field?

Digital Pioneer: Rebecca Guenther

When Rebecca Guenther retires from the Library of Congress in August 2011, 35 years of institutional knowledge about bibliographic information will go with her.

NDIIPP/NDSA 2011 Meeting Presentations

Presentations from the annual meeting are now available.

Meet My Trustworthy Friend UELMA

The Uniform Law Commission approved Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act, and this is huge for digital preservation.

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Designing a Billboard to Go Viral

This lawyer’s billboard was cleverly designed to go viral but is also well designed with a simple message and not much text on the Billboard so it’s easily read and understood while driving by in three seconds. The billboard, for a divorce lawyer in Albany, NY, shows the wedding ring finger extended but made to […]

The post Designing a Billboard to Go Viral appeared first on Lawyer Advertising Blog.

The New Trend of Rebranding Law Firms with Trade Names

With the recognition that a brand name or trade name is important for business, there is a trend among large prestigious law firms and even some smaller law firms to rebrand their law firm name to one that is good for branding. What’s good for branding? A simple one-word tradename, preferably one that stands out.A Hence, […]

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A Blackberry BublA(c) Please

The top Super Bowl commercials are rated by the public for entertainment but which commercial is the best to sell the product? It’sA the MichaelA BublA(c) BublyaC/ commercial by Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Why is the MichaelA BublA(c) BublyaC/ Super Bowl TV commercial my winner? It’s not analytics. SPARK NeuroA is an interesting company offering neuroanalytics to optimize advertising. […]

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How to Find the Ideal Phone Number for Your Law Firm

Most lawyers know by now that they need a custom vanity phone number to compete with a and stand out from a other attorneys in their field. However, the next question can be more complicated. How do you choose the ideal phone number for your law firm? On the surface, it might seem easya| find […]

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Recognizing the Value of Billboards, Lawyer Runs into a Roadblock

A lawyer who recognized the value of billboards ran into a roadblock when he purchased five buildings for the purpose of advertising his law firm on billboards. In an effort to reduce the number of billboards, New York City’s permit requirements for outdoor advertising now only allow a billboard when the building is occupied by […]

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Is Your Vanity Phone Number or Slogan Protected?

Does your law office advertise a slogan or vanity phone number on your website or advertising? If you haven’t trademarked it, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. I once put “No Fee Guarantee” on my law firm website. Sometime later, I received a letter advising that it was trademarked and that I would […]

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Will Google Warn Visitors Away From Your Website?

Beginning in October, if your law firm website doesn’t use SSL, Google will warn visitors who use your contact form that it is aNot Securea. Potential clients will likely go to another lawyer’s website when they see the warning. This is what a website without SSL looks like in the address bar of Chrome This […]

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Are Vanity Phone Numbers Still Relevant?

With the importance of Internet advertising for lawyers, some attorneys have the misconception that the internet makes 1-800 vanity phone numbers less important then they used to be. In the Internet Age, Vanity Phone Numbers Are More Relevant According to a study of US customers by research agency eConsultancy, phone calls were the most preferred […]

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Can You Afford to Drop the Yellow Pages?

Kirkpatrick Creative, an advertising agency representing law firms, says probably not. Not surprisingly, it seems that print yellow page phone books still work. Usually, when a new form of media arrives on the scene, it doesn’t replace another form of media but just adds another dimension. One caveat is that I’m not sure how long […]

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Does Your Customer Service Kill?

Is your law firm really going to extremes when providing customer service to your clients? This lawsuit funding company does. In fact, they’ll go so far as to kill someone for you! Maybe the defendant. This video shows a testimonial on a TV commercial from Oasis Legal, a company providing lawsuit funding to personal injury […]

The post Does Your Customer Service Kill? appeared first on Lawyer Advertising Blog.

Robo Bees, The Next Step In Pollination?

First it was killer bees and now it's robo bees. At least the latter of the two are here to assist us. Find out how.

Scorpion-3 Hoverbike Prototype Resembles Floating Jet Ski

A new hoverbike prototype is grabbing attention for its ability to fly/float through the air. Resembling a cross between a motorcycle, a Jet Ski and a drone, you have to see it to believe it! (VIDEO)

New Virtual Reality Film Allows Users To Tour Amazon Rainforest

Get out and explore the world a even if you cant do it in person a with new virtual reality film that takes you places you've never seen before. (VIDEO)

New Heat-Reflecting Wrap May Be The Beginning Of Energy-Free AC

A new super material that can be mass produced from inexpensive materials might just be the answer to solar alternatives.

Tiny Patch To Reduce Peanut Allergies Shows Promise

Allergic reactions to foods such as peanuts can have life-threatening consequences. Now, there's a new transdermal patch on the horizon that could change all that.

Inventions of All Inventions, Watson Evolving To Do Your Taxes This Year!

For freelancers who are just too busy or for SMB operators who wears multiple hats, April 15th is a date that conjures up busy work you just wish you didn't have to do. If you canat afford to employ a bookkeeper or hire a CPA to do your taxes, the responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders.

Nimb Is A Smart Ring With Panic Button

Emergencies are scary, but there is now a new smart ring that will quickly call for help when you need it most. Meet Nimb, a ring that includes a panic button. It lets you send emergency alerts to preset contacts from its mobile app with the touch of a thumb. But the big question with this new invention is this: how will it sell on the market?

Nimb Is A Smart Ring With Panic Button

Emergencies are scary, but there is now a new smart ring on the market that will quickly call for help when you need it most. Meet Nimb, a ring that includes a panic button. It lets you send emergency alerts to preset contacts from its mobile app with the touch of a thumb. But the question with this invention is this: how will it sell on the market?

Nimb Is A Smart Ring With Panic Button

Invention Of The Week? REKS Are Unbreakable Sunglasses

From the awhat will they think of next?a files comes a new pair of shades that you will definitely want to get your hands on. Heck, your eyes will even love them, and when people see you wear them they might even assume you have deep pockets. But the big question with the new REKS sunglasses is this: will you be able to afford them?

Invention Of The Week? REKS Are Unbreakable Sunglasses

WaySkin Takes The Guesswork Out Of Having Glowing Skin

Have you ever looked at your dull, lifeless skin and wondered how it got that way and how you could bring it back to its former glory? WaySkin is a handheld disk that, when applied to the skin, provides important information about your skinas current needs.

TOOR Might Just Be The World's Smartest Lockbox

Thanks to the rise of new tech, many industries have started to adapt to allow for the innovations that can set them apart from their competitors. One field that has been a little behind, however, is the real estate industry. Some companies have tried to change that, but ultimately, it just didn't work out. That looks to be changing however thanks to the TOOR Pro Lockbox.

Canvas App Releases For Structure Sensor

The Structure Sensor was pretty awesome in its own right, with its ability for 3D scanning and augmented reality for mobile devices, but with the release of Canvas for iOS, real world uses for the product are really starting to be realized. Canvas lets you use the power of the Structure Sensor to make accurate 3D models of your home in minutes.

Vufine+ Is A Wearable That Works With Your Phone, Laptop, and Drone

Google Glass didn't quite work out how people wanted, but that isn't stopping other companies from producing wearables for a user's face. Vufine, coming off an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $200k by 1,500 backers, has started a new campaign for the Vufine+. This upgraded unit has a bigger screen and more features. It's another option for people looking for a hands free wearable. Vufine+ doesn't require any special frames and can attach easily to any set of glasses.

Sense With Voice Releases, Adds New Functionality To Its Sleep Monitoring Abilities

Sense with Voice released today, bringing new functionality and features to the product. At its core, Sense has one main objective, to monitor your sleep habits to offer solutions for getting a better night's sleep. In conjunction with the Sleep Pill, which attaches to your pillow, Sense can monitor things like air quality and the Pill can figure out when you fell asleep, as well as how long you were in deep sleep.

Aspiring Industrial Designers Are Shaping Up With TinkerCad

Computer-aided design and drafting software needed for most 3D printing is traditionally obscured by high paywalls and complex interface that require advanced training. Fortunately, offering a solution to this problem are a series of CAD tools cropping up that are user-friendly and cost-effective alternatives. One of them is Tinkercad.

Kiinde Kozii Warms Breast Milk While Maintaining Nutrients

The methods typically used to warm breast milk often negate its nutrition. This is where the Kiinde Kozii comes in. The Kozii is a device that warms breast milk as quickly as steam, yet doesnat destroy its precious nutrients.